The Special Wings Foundation was started at the end of 2012 with the express purpose of raising funds for the education and therapy of children with special needs, whose parents are unable to afford the education that they deserve.

Despite being very new and without any grants, our dedicated team members have managed to raise over R200 000,00. This has been used to keep a number of children in a private special needs school.  A school where the children have access to specialized therapists.  Some of these children cannot walk, some cannot talk and some just sit in their chairs but with the assistance of the school they are happier than ever before and parents can communicate with them using sign language specifically engineered for each child and family.

To date our goal was to assist one child, it then grew to three and now we have three more on the waiting list, who we desperately would like to assist. Unfortunately, we have not got enough funds yet. However, with our annual events on the horizon we know through hard work, we will raise the money needed to support these children and hopefully more.

Our goal is to one day increase the number of schools offering this support and hopefully establish our own school with affordable care for these families. There are very few grants available to these families, and the grants there are, wouldn’t cover a single months school fees, let alone the medical expenses faced by these families for therapy’s, operations or specialized equipment needed to do basic activities that we take for granted.

Special Wings Foundation will succeed as we know there are people out there willing to assist us and at each event we see the caring people of South Africa opening their warm hearts and pockets to help these children.