Limited Edition Pencil Cases

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Our amazing limited-edition pencil cases are our hottest selling product on our range and sell quickly so if you want it buy it right away especially because with it being our limited edition range we are only making 8 of each one and half of them have already sold. The pencil cases are designed so you can fit all your stationery into one pencil case.
Each pencil case comes with a little zippy pouch attached for the small things like eraser, sharpener and tuck money.
The top section is divided in 2 to create a more organized space and it is lined with plastic to make it easy to keep clean and to prevent any leakages damaging the outside of your pencil case as well as all your books etc. from getting damaged.
The front zip is an extra pocket perfect for scissors and glue etc.
The most popular part of our pencil cases is the free ruler and ruler slot on the back of the pencil cases. Always such a hit and saves parents from buying 100s of rulers throughout the year
• The only reason for the price difference is the price paid for the fabric and this fabric was imported

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